So, I took Quazy to the vet today. This morning, he was breathing ok and not sneezing like he'd done last night. This afternoon however, the sneezing started again. I vacuumed the apartment, thinking that if I did that, that might help keep the dust down. He still continued to sneeze even after I was done. His breathing got worse after I'd vacuumed. I couldn't stand it anymore, so Itook him and Madelyn to the vet.
We got there and they started asking me all the usual questions. I didn't get to see my usual vet today, but I saw the other exotic's vet. She looked at Quazy first. His teeth were a little long she said, but not too bad. She could cut them down ifI wanted her to. She listened to his heart and lungs and didn't say if she heard anything or not. She said he was a little bit under weight. she said she was going to X-ray his chest for Pastorela. She took him in the back and did that and also brought Madelyn back with her so she could look at her. Madelyn looked fine, until the vet looked at her mouth. Madelyn's right molars are twice as long as they should be. So, she will have to have those taken care of in a couple weeks. Quazy has Pastorela and the vet wants them both to be on Baytrel so that hopefully Madelyn won't get it. She said that Pastorela can be hard to fight off. Madelyn is underweight as well, so they both have to be on Critical Care to get their weight up. I'm glad I took them both in and trusted my instincts, but dang. I am blind and so is my fiance, so giving them Baytrel and Critical Care is very difficult. We've done this many times before, but Quazy alsoways loses trust in us after the Baytrel is over and gets very scared and anxious. He's a sweet little timid Netherland Dwarf. I hate having to medicate him because it breaks my heart when he is frightened of me. Anyway, I just thought I'd let you all know what's up.
Take Care,