Bruiser is in the vets overnight...

When I went to feed the bunnies at 9 this morning, Bruiser just wasn't interested at all. He didn't come out of his cage either, when he normally spends an hour or so running round my room like a mad thing and binkying all over the place. I checked his litter box, which I'd cleaned out late last night, and there were Smirnoff sized poops but no Bruiser size ones.

So he got taken to the vet at half 11. The vet had a good check, which in itself says Bruiser wasn't feeling right. It took me, the vet nurse and the vet to get him still enough to have his myxo vaccine in October. Yet today he let the vet take his temperature and prod his belly and gut and flip him onto his back without even moving.

Anyway, the vet said he didn't feel like he had a blockage, instead his guts felt very liquidy. She was very concerned at the fact that he hadn't passed anything and gave him an injection of something "to get his bowels moving". She also gave me some bunny probiotic to give him three times a day.

She then said if he wasn't amazingly better by this evening to take him back in so they could keep an eye on him overnight. She also said she'd want to see him tomorrow morning anyway, at which point I went "Ah!". Because I'm off to Tenerife first thing tomorrow morning... My flatmate was going to feed the bunnies for me whilst I was away. And, whilst he's happy to do that, he's not a bunny person so wouldn't know what to look for in an unwell rabbit.

So it was decided that he'd stay in the vets for a few days until she was 100% sure he was alright to go home.

He came home with me until 6 this evening though. The vet said it might help him to be in his usual situation to start his bowels moving again, rather than stressing him more by having him somewhere he doesn't know.

At about half 2 he did eat a few leaves of kale and a couple of pellets, but not much. He was still sitting in the corner of his cage without moving. He was slightly more lively than he was in the morning, because he struggled when I tried to give him his medicine and he also spent about 2 minutes out of his cage. He then went straight back to his corner again.

Anyway, he went back to the vets at 6 this evening, with enough food for a couple of days. The vets have my permission to "treat as necessary". They have my boyfriend;s mum's phone number to contact in case anything goes wrong and my flatmate's for if everything goes right and Bruiser is allowed home.

I'm so worried, I know I'm not going to be able to enjoy my holiday at all until I know Bruiser is better. If I could without losing lots of money and REALLY pissing off my boyfriend I'd cancel until he's home again but I can't.

Anyway, your well wishes and prayers (to whatever entity you please) would be much appreciated.

I know he's in the best place for him now and there's nothing more I can do. But I'm so worried.