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Okay, so yesterday I contacted the rescue from which I got the new bunny from. The only response I got was "It's probably allergies, but if you're really concerned you can call the vet." Well since I technically signed the adoption papers (even though they said I could bring him back if Truffle does not bond well to him) I decided it was my responsibility to do what I could to make sure this bunny (and Truffle!) were okay.

I called the office, made an appointment with the bunny vet, and brought both of them in.
He examined Diesel, (that's the name we gave him) and said that his eyes, ears, lungs, and everything checked out good. He said that although Diesel's nose is wetter than normal, it had no pus or colored discharge. He told me that it looked like a very mild upper respiratory infection, and that stress from being in the rescue, foster home, traveling and meeting bunnies probably triggered it. He said that most bunnies have the Pasteurella bacteria and most have a strong enough immune system to ward off infections, but stress can cause little flare ups like this. He checked out Truffle as well and said she looked really healthy, but if she caught anything she wouldn't be showing signs or symptoms yet. He did say that it was probably rare for her to catch it if it was caused by stress.

Basically, the vet gave me the antibiotic Septra to give him twice a day, And told me to keep him and Truffle separated for the next 48 hours but then I can try to bond them again.

You should have seen me going like a madwoman last night disinfecting everything so Truffle could be safely quarantined in her cage for the next 2 days. Cuddly cups were washed, toys were soaked in vinegar, scrubbing down the cage like crazy.. and I know I'll have to disinfect everything Diesel touches when he's done with the antibiotics. I'm kind of a germaphobe and didn't want truffle to come into any more contact than she already had all day Sunday.

Oh, and I didn't know bunny antibiotics are free at Publix?! Woo hoo! Although the pharmacist did have quite a few jokes for me when I went to pick them up.. "The carrots are on aisle 3" etcetc. And a plus, the vet only charged me for one of the bunny's exams because of my situation just adopting Diesel the day before.

So my question for you all, does all the advice I got from my vet sound correct? I'm sure some of you have been in a similar situation before. I just want to have two happy and healthy bunbuns! :)

Truffle does not approve of being quarantined in her cage, but loves the bed that she got for christmas. (Which was thoroughly washed last night)

Diesel! I have no idea what kind of mix he is. He is part lionhead, part something else. 3 pounds, super long ears, pretty white and grey fur and big black tail and black tips on his ears. Any ideas?

Baby pictures of him from the rescue: