somebody's brilliant new hiding spot!

Don't worry-- no bunnies were harmed in the taking of this photo. So Sasquatch is growing and looking pretty adorable. I noticed that his coat is turning slightly gray right now, especially around his ears and back. Is that normal?

Also, I'm having some issues with his water. He kept knocking over his old water bowl or putting his feet in it and making a mess. It wasn't the mess that worried me; it was him not having water until I got back home to fill it up. I got him a little water dispenser like what gerbils or guinea pigs use, except larger. He broke this within a week. Even when it was working, he liked to play with it, like pushing his nose against it and letting the water trickle onto the floor of his cage, then running through the puddle. Maybe this is how he broke it? I guess he's just a messy bunny. Any suggestions?

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