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Back from the vet's

Mickey had his vet appointment this morning. The vet checked him out, gave him some fluids and made a few suggestions:

1. Cut back on his greens a little to encourage him to eat more hay.

2. If he still won't touch hay, try some different hays to see if he'll eat any of them.

3. Give him pineapple juice twice a day to up his fluid intake and hopefully dissolve any blockage that's there.

She said if there's no improvement, I should bring him back in for an x-ray; she would have liked to do one today, but their machine is in repairs.

I brought in a poop sample for her to see, but while I was waiting for him to get the fluids, I noticed he'd pooped some in his carrier, and that those poops were a little bigger than what he's been doing. Looks like the hay he'd eaten yesterday did make an impact, so I'm definitely going to cut back on his greens and see if that gets him eating more hay. I also picked up some pineapple juice at the store after I brought Mickey home, so I'll start him on that tonight.

The vet also recommended that I keep some Critical Care on hand in case I need to get more fluids into his system. It's something I've been meaning to order because it's good to have in case of emergency, so that's next on the priority list.

At the moment, Mickey is zoned out in his cage. He ate a little bit of hay when he first got home, but hasn't shown much interest in eating since then. That's normal for him after a vet visit; he'll give me the Dread Glare of Sulk for a while, then he'll take a nap and then all is usually well. We'll see how it goes after I'm trying to syringe pineapple juice into him later, though.

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This was too funny not to post about

I happened to mention to Mickey last night that he would be going to the vet's on Wed. because of his tummy issues. I just got home from food shopping a short time ago, and he's sitting in his hay box, munching on hay like there's no tomorrow--and this is the rabbit who never eats hay. Who says rabbits don't understand our language? ;D

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Vet time again

Just called the vet and set up an appointment for Mickey. His poops have been getting smaller lately, which means that there's some kind of blockage going on. At first, I figured it was more of his usual hairball issues, so I've been giving him Petromalt (which he adores, although I'm not comfortable with giving it to him so often), but I'm not seeing much hair in his poop, so I'm worried that it might be something else. Since I've allowed him access to my dining room/office area, he's chewed some of the rubber trim on my floor mats and also mangled a TV cable belonging to my son. The cable was a spare, not connected to the TV but tucked in a corner where we keep some of our old printers; somehow Mickey managed to find it and shred the daylights out of it without me noticing until it was too late. Needless to say, this is way more rubber-ingesting than I'm comfortable with, and I'm thinking it's possible that some of the rubber is blocking his system just enough to reduce the size of his poop. His appetite is unchanged; he's still eating like a pig. He's still very active and doesn't appear to have any discomfort; I've been massaging his tummy in the hopes of helping whatever is in his system work its way out, and he just loves that. I haven't felt any hardness or any lumps in his tummy area when I give him a massage, either. His poop output is good, it's just much smaller than it should be and slightly misshapen at times. I'm hoping it's nothing serious, because I don't know if I could deal with him needing surgery or something after what I went through with Karnage.

On a more cheerful note, the increased roaming space has offered more opportunity to get some really cute pics, so I thought I'd share:

Finally, a good death-flop pic.

Oh, no--she's got the camera out again.

His latest habit; the occasional flop-and-paw-licking.

A closeup of same.

I haz a flavor. ;)

I really need to get his outings on video--5 lbs. of furry projectile missile bombing around the room is a trip, plus he's the funniest bunnydancer I've ever had. I just have to figure out how to transfer my camcorder video to my computer so I can upload it.

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