а у вас кроли сразу ладили с другими животными??
я принесла домой котенка. один из кроликов, когда его видит превращается просто в машину убийства.
котенок мелкий дурной, лезет постоянно играть.
есть шанс, что жертв удастся-таки избежать??

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Прошу помощи в выборе

Решили взять кролика, опыт уже был, правда достаточно давно, около 5 лет назад, был крошечный кролик Василек, всего 460 гр в год весил, все было отлично, потом ни с того ни с сего начались судороги и умер через пол часа. Только сейчас созрели завести кроля. Дома есть ребенок 3 лет, но адекватно относящийся к животным, не издевается, а так же собака крупной породы, но очень добродушная, маленьких зверят не обижает. Вопрос вот в чем, кого лучше завести мальчика или девочку, пару в будущем брать не планирую. Хочется действительно породистого, с родословной. занимаясь много лет собаками знаю, что это хоть какая-то гарантия гинетического здоровья. Не против участвовать в выставках, возможно даже куда-то ездить на выставки. Но на самом деле не принципиально, в любом случае это будет друг в первую очередь, а не просто выставочный образец, который если не выигрывает, избавиться и взять другого (провожу аналогию с собаками, не знаю у крольчатников есть такое или нет) Куда обратиться, в какие питомники? Какие то еще выставки ожидаются в ближайшее время, месяц-два максимум, чтобы посмотреть, пообщаться с заводчиками?
И еще... бараны бывают маленькими или они все крупные? Хотелось бы либо совсем длинношерстного либо плюшевого... Барана не рассматривала, т.к. сколько видела все огромные...

Спасибо заранее всем за помощь


Our dear bunny Benjamin left us yesterday morning. He'd been to the vet Saturday morning with paralysis in the hind legs, and she suspected e. Cunniculi (sp?), a protozoa infection, which we'd suspected he'd had for some time. By early Sunday morning, he couldn't walk, hold his head up, or eat. Not wanting him to suffer through his GI tract shutting down, we made the hard decision to take him to the emergancy vet clinic to be euthanized. There have been a lot of tears, and our bunny-girl, Maggie, seems to have figured out what's happened and is grieving, too.

Rest in peace, little friend. We had five wonderful years with you, and we'll see you again one day.



Okay, this is me, blodding about my tramatic experience. The rabbits on our agricultue farm, which is were I got Hadley, nail's were getting really long, so the teacher asked me if I could bring up my nail clippers and do all of the rabbits for him. His other option was using wire cutter, so I said yes, duh. So I went up today at lunch time, and did most of them. We have a few meat rabbits, which no one thinks are cute, so they don't get handled as much, which sucks, and they have black noses and black feet. Like it wasn't hard enough trying to hold them and cutting nails at the same time, I coulnd't even see their nails. Anyways, the front feet, while difficult, went somewhat smoothly, and I moved onto the baack ones. I didn't notice for a minute, and was about to do another nail, when suddenly there was blood everywhere. It was so scary. It would not stop bleeding. It soaked through three tissuse. And I'm talking, really thick, red blood. One of my friends, who panics way to easily was in hysterics at this point, screaming and jumping up and down. The teacher came over and was just like, 'It's fine. Just let him go and it will clot.' Well, I really didn't have any other choice, but the rabbit kicked out when I was putting him down, and flicked blood all over me. All over my shirt and my arm looked similar to chickenpox. I washed my arm but there was nothing I could do about my shirt, and I had to go to 5th and 6th period wearing it. I could bearly look at my bunny when I got home, becuase I'm so creeped out. I just feel...icky. I can't really explain it.

Anyways, just thought I'd put it out there. My friends were more like "Omg, how could you do that to an animal?!" And not very supportive.

Thanks - Jeanne





Hello everybody....

I woke up to something very weird today...

I use yesterdays news litter in my lionhead romeos litter box
and he has EXCELLENT litter skills

I had a very busy last.. err.. week and a half.. and neglected his litter box

my dad woke me up this morning.. because when he went to feed romeo.. THERE WERE MUSHROOMS GROWING LIKE CRAZY ALL OVER HIS LITTER BOX!

i immediatly grabbed him and took him out.. it looks like he has eaten a few of the tops off some

are mushrooms poisen? it doesnt look like he is having any problems.. he is in our spare bedroom away from his cage now



Ah, at last. Everything has been organised for our flight to Tasmania (Quarantine and laws galore)

Quarantine permits have been completed and accepted, vet check outs are done, vaccinations are up to date.

Our flights are booked and Coffee and Komi get to share a cage (mainly for Komi's sake).

The flights themselves are relatively quick, one an hour long, the other 45 minutes. (Much preferable to 25+hours on a bus, 7 hours on a boat and another 3 hours in a car)

My old rabbit cages are still in my parents cage, so I won't need to take the storage cubes with me.

My old rabbit (who was too old to move with me, along with not knowing if I could have rabbits here) will be able to see me and meet her new young family members.

But most of all, I don't have to pay $30 a day for over a month for Komi and Coffee to sit in tiny outdoor cages in a kennel. (I've checked. Frowny face)


I'm now going to relax from the 241324135 aggravating phone calls with Meiji Hallo Panda candy and they've got a new bunny chewy treat.

(The scary thing is, every time I see my dad he gives me a new rabbit he picked up from somewhere. Not to say he's a SPO, people just tend to dump unwanteds on him and he gives them to me.)

Who else has had difficult holiday organisations to make with bunnies?


Hello everyone!

I just joined after getting my very first rabbit! One of my roommates has had rabbits all of her life, so she is helping me adjust.

My bunny is a 6 month old mini lop. His name is Macbeth, Mac for short.

I will post pictures soon, but I just have a question right now. We've only had him a few days, so he is still pretty skittish around us. I want to get him neutered next paycheck (11/01). Would getting him neutered help calm him a bit, or will it make him even more scared of us? Should I wait a while? I am just worried because I usually let him hop all around the living room and I don't want him spraying.



 Hello! Lola and Toboka have met a few times now (I can't get them together too often, I have little time to spare now that college is upon me) and things are going okay i think. Toby charged at Lola a couple times when he tried mounting her head, but there's been no real fighting.
I'm pretty sure Lola thoroughly approves of toby; he licks her a lot and lies down next to her, and today Toby licked him back a couple times but the humping is worrying me. I don't want them to move in together until I'm certain one of them won't get hurt, but how do I mark progress? Lola's castrated but Toby's not spayed, so I'm worried that's going to cause problems with Lola's instincts or something.
Any ideas? How much mounting is too much, and should I let them get on with it or separate them when they do it?

For anyone who's bonded bunnies, did you know when they could live together or was it trial and error? I'm super worried it'll be too much too soon and Lola will really hurt Toby :(





good morning mommy, is it time for some treats yet?

i've been a good boy, i swear!


Spay Success

Truffle was successfully spayed the day before yesterday! I am so happy to have found an AMAZING bunny vet in my area, who also has a very affordable price for bunny care (which I would be willing to pay much more for!) Anyways, she was so pathetic that first afternoon after her surgery, but after keeping a close watch on her and giving her her pain meds, she got back into eating and regular bodily function ;) This morning she was very playful and even did a few binkies for me! Hopefully that 'teenage attitude' she was beginning to get will fade away now.

"so... sleepy..."

"pet me now."



Ребятки а кто-нить знает аналогичное сообщество по свинкам морским и по шиншилкам??


Умный зайчик! :)))

Привет всем!
Я вот хотела поинтересоваться! Ваши питомцы как нибудь проявляют свой интеллект!???(:-o Может кто то играет по-особенному? Или что то другое?
Очень интересно! Пишите! Рассказывайте!



Do you feed hay? What kind do you feed, and where do you obtain it? And how do you store it?

I just bought a big bale of Coastal (which is low protein, even lower than timothy) and my rabbits are thrilled. I filled up a big plastic tote with a third of the bale, split up a third of a flake, and tossed them some and they're nomming down. They like straw, too, here and there. I'm trying to switch them down to pellets every other day. They're both chunky.

I looked up some other options but all I have found in the local pet stores is Alfalfa mini-bales, and they're at least 4 bucks, all the way up to 7.99. I just got this bale of nice sweet-smelling Coastal for 6.97 with tax. I know horse owners are having a tough time of it, but I think this bale will last at least a month. I boxed the rest of it up to feed gradually.



hey guys, Lola's been getting smooshy poo... i'm feeding her and Steve the same stuff, but she seems to be getting diarrhea... any suggestions? No greens or anything so it shouldn't really be a problem. She gets pellets, hay, her pretzel treats and dry apple crispies. Same diet she's been on.


"Осенняя Ника - 2008" или воскресенье - день "Пушка". Любительские фотки...

Мой Тошик (Аристотель) - карликовая русская ангорка...

И далее...

Сестренка наша Альбина... ангорочка...

Соседка наша Леа, тоже ангорка... Подробнее ТАМ

Очень милые кроли...

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Success on the bunny-bonding front!

To do a quick update- Had one bunny (Honey) since spring. Summer comes, and there's a mass-euthanasia due to overcrowding. So, I rather blindly stumbled into adding Ace, Gary, Dill, Westly, Montoya AND Buttercup to my household. (No, really. I was nuts.)

It all actually went easily- Ace, Gary, Westly, Montoya, and Buttercup all lived in harmony... after a month or so of Ace making sure everyone knew he was king. Honey stayd on her own, as she did (and does) hate Buttercup. Don't worry, it's very mutual. Dill was (and still is to a degree) fairly territorial as well, so Honey and Dill lived separately.

Tonight, after months of playtimes together and getting them used to each other side by side, I have all bunnies living in 2 groups. (Eventually, maybe Honey and Buttercup will warm up to each other and it'll be one big group. I'm not holding my breath.)

Dill, Montoya, Westly, and Buttercup are all in one group, with Ace, Gary, and Honey in the other. Grouped mostly by size, but also as Ace and Dill are both fairly territorial guys and have had issues during playtime. I'm exhausted, and I'm sure there will be a bit of establishing order in the groups, but I feel so accomplished, as silly as that is.

Though I think, in the future, I will never have more then 2 rabbits again. xD

Better pictures to come once things are cleaner and my camera more cooperative.
Buttercup, who is pretty.. but standoffish with people.

Ace is the Californian Rex (I think that's right?) Honey is the one with darker spotting, and Gary is the one with lighter spotting.


Westly, who's kind of my baby of the group. :P His coat is looking SO much better then it did when he got here, and he's not teh skinny boney thing he once was.

Dill, who's very cute, but kind of a grump.

Older picture of Honey's butt.

Montoya, who can be a bit bossy and is more standoffish with people as well. (Honey, Gary, Ace, and Westly are the cuddly ones. xD)

Older picture of Dill, which further goes to show his grumpy face.

Fingers crossed it sticks. >.<



I just brought home Truffle from the vet. She was spayed today. Poor little thing looks so pathetic; she's so tired but is enjoying her pettings. How long should she be beginning to eat/drink? She will lick water off my fingers but is definately not interested in food yet. Also underneath her eyes are wet and have a lot of sleep stuff; not red though. do you think is this just from the surgery or something I should be concerned about?


New Bunny owner question!

Hello everyone!
I am the new owner of an eight week old bunny that I am absolutely in love with. She is completely doll, and I am taking her to the vet next week to ensure that she is in the best of health. Just a quick question about bunny behavior... I owned a rabbit when I was younger but never remember the behavior that Gracie is exhibiting. I'm currently sitting with her in the gated hallway as she's running around and I'm letting her play. She basically "walks" as opposed to hops to explore her surroundings and I have a towel laid in the hallway that she basically darts back and forth on-- its the area of a foot that she hops sideways on and kicks her back legs up and shakes her head-- is this NORMAL? It looks like she is darting in circles. It's silly to watch her completely spaz out, but I'm just hoping this is normal baby bunny behavior and not something I need to be concerned about! Thank you everyone <3

Ушастые, пушистые, любимые!