Urinating rabbit

My 1+ year old spayed mini rex has suddenly forgotten that she is litter box trained. Except for when I first got her a year ago, I have never had a problem with her urinating outside of her litter box. She normally has no problems. She is in her cage while we are gone to work, but we let her out either to roam in the office or in the living room, wherever we are going to be so we can play with her and keep an eye on her. The other day, she just up and pee'd on our TV stand & floor. I noticed the next day that she had also urinated in her cage, outside of her litterbox. I cleaned out her entire cage then, and noticed again yesterday she urinated in her cage. Sure enough, tonight she urinated in the living room again too.

Her behavior is normal. Her eating habits are the same. Nothing has changed in her daily routine. I hate leaving her in her cage, but my husband is not happy about the urinating around the living room thing. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?


bunny stew

somebody's brilliant new hiding spot!

Don't worry-- no bunnies were harmed in the taking of this photo. So Sasquatch is growing and looking pretty adorable. I noticed that his coat is turning slightly gray right now, especially around his ears and back. Is that normal?

Also, I'm having some issues with his water. He kept knocking over his old water bowl or putting his feet in it and making a mess. It wasn't the mess that worried me; it was him not having water until I got back home to fill it up. I got him a little water dispenser like what gerbils or guinea pigs use, except larger. He broke this within a week. Even when it was working, he liked to play with it, like pushing his nose against it and letting the water trickle onto the floor of his cage, then running through the puddle. Maybe this is how he broke it? I guess he's just a messy bunny. Any suggestions?

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Lysol and rabbits?

Is it safe to spray lysol around my rabbits cage or even inside of it? I was trying to disinfect his litter pan >_> what kind of harm would it do?


Bunny sitting!


I do not own a rabbit (yet) but I posted a while back asking for information. My goal is to own one with dogs one day. But that's not important right now. In a few days/a week I'm going to be PET SITTING a bunny for a coworker who is going into labor.

I've never had a rabbit before but I've researched some. She's going to be bringing me its cage, food, bedding, etc. I'm not sure what she feeds it even though I told her when she first got it to get it hay and check out the HRS website. I'm not sure how often she lets it out but she says when she does it never goes farther than 4 ft from the cage. It's fine w/ her 2 yr old girl but not the 1yr old boy.

My question is what should/could I do to make the rabbit's stay more pleasant? I'm not going to force it out of its cage if its used to being in one all day. What are suitable treats I could give it? Are they like dogs in that you cannot switch up their diet too rapidly? If she doesn't give it fresh veggies can I not? 

I know they don't like being 'moved' so she'll probably hate me for the first what, few days? Should I just open the cage and sit nearby and see if it comes out? I don't want to upset it further, just provide it a safe place to live for a few days while this lady gets home from the hospital.


Vacuums and hay

Hi everyone! I have a bunny (Smokey) who is usually free to roam the apartment. She has a cage, but she's rarely in it--it's kind of like a "time out" spot if she's causing trouble. She has pretty good litter box habits, but she always makes a HUGE mess with her hay. I have tried to put it into a box with a small opening, but she tosses that around and spills the hay everywhere.

My problem is that my vacuum is TERRIBLE when it comes to cleaning up the hay. The little tiny pieces get clogged in the tube, and it doesn't really vacuum up any of the bigger pieces at all. The main vacuum gets clogged more quickly than the detachable hose part, so I usually end up vacuuming my apartment with just the detachable hose! It gets really tedious and frustrating.

For those of you who have house bunnies, do you use a certain type of vacuum to clean up the hay? Even if your bunnies are fairly tidy, can anyone recommend a vacuum that would be able to clean up hay without getting clogged? I would really appreciate it.

To make up for all of the text, here's a picture:

Thank you!


What's your rabbit's favourite food?

Hi there.
I am quite new hear. Good to read about your bunnies' lives.
My bunny, Alex is having some hard time and she doesn't want to eat anything... but her favourite. That's banana. She is feeling a bit better so now she eats carrot as well but the only thing I could pray into her was banana.
What about your bunny? Where are the favourites?

And because I know we all love bunnies let me show you my dear one:


lend me your ears

So I was puttering about, like ya do on a Saturday, making some coffee, doing not much of anything. I just looked over at Moe Moe where he was sitting in his wooden hidey-hole with his head poking out. He was busily washing his front paws, really doing a thorough job getting in between each toe, and his ears were sticking STRAIGHT UP like your standard, non-lop rabbit. He was using his muscles to hold them up out of the way while he washed. Then, when he was done, they... slowly... descended... into their normal loppy position. Lesson learned: lops CAN, they just don't feel like it. XD
I wish I had gotten a video.

I know, I sound like such a n00b sometimes. But he fills me with luv; I can't help it.


Здравствуйте, у меня кролик 4 месяца. У нее странная залысина появилась между ушей. Ест все, что положено,в общем в пище поступает все необходимое.
Что это может быть?
Заранее, спасибо
Это, если раздвинуть ушки:
(сверху видно комочек из шерсти,которая отпала)

А так в нормальном положении:


Is it okay for rabbits to eat avocado seeds?  My rabbits were given a seed today to play with.  They began eating it! O_O Is that fatal?   


how dangerous is spaying?

I want to spay my female rabbit but I'm really worried because I heard that it's a lot more dangerous than neutering a male rabbit.

How big are the risks?

I asked the nurse at the vet I usually go to but she said that she can't give me figures.


Changes after Neuter

So I show pedigreed mini rex rabbits, but I also have a pet Flemish Giant boy named Cooper. I recently, eh, about a month ago, got him neutered after he got a couple of big wins at a show. He's a house pet now! I can tell that he has chilled out a good bit since the nueter, but I've never had a rabbit altered before and am curious as to what kind of mood and energy level changes he may go through. His litter box usage has improved greatly allready, like magic, from once in awhile peeing outside the box to never, and needless to say that is awesome.

Just curious to hear about some different nueter experiences and how long it took them to chill, if they had weight/appetite changes as the weeks went on, and other such changes. His appetite has seemed to grow a bit, though he allready nearly eats 3 cups a day and keeps weight! He's still maturing though, he's not quite a year old, will be in February. He seems slightly jumpy sometimes, and was really really outgoing before he hit puberty. I figure it might just take his hormones a few months to completely regulate and hopefully he will go back to his old self. It's not a big change, just a little one. Not a big deal.

Here's some pics of Coop! He weighs around 13 lbs as of now...


Зайчик и кролик.

Живут хорошо, пока почти не общаются.
Были мы на неделе у врача, оба здоровые!
Сделали им профилактику от паразитов рзных.
Пожелали здоровья и сказали прити через пол года.
Меня беспокоит что наш мальчик ( Хмыренок )
Когда видит девочку ( Буся ) кусает её.
Я думаю что это ревность. 1 Раз она его лапой за это ударила.
Он у нас раньше буси на неделю поселися. Буся по отношению к Хмырю настроенна хорошо не задирает его, о он кусается.
Как сделать так чтоб он её не кусал и они не ссорились.
Как их подружить у кого есть какие идеи.
Существуют ли какието способы "наказания" для них.


Мой кролик.
При виде фотоаппарата он настолько испугался, что запрыгнул на лоток и отказался покидать это уютное место. (Он вообще, стоит мне совершить резкое движение убегает в свою клетку и усаживается сторожить туалет.)
Так и пришлось его фотографировать - на лотке и в опилках.

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Любимый, любопытный и лохматый!

Привет всем кто общается с домашним кроликом! В моем доме кролик появился в результате больших переживани после смерти любимого хомячка. Дети решили, что кролики живут дольше и подарили кроху -отроду 2,5 недели. Первоначально в понимании всех- это был мальчик, поэтому имя искали мужское. Взяли из английского слово "счастье", усовершенствовали и так появился "Джойка". Бело-серого окраса с черной вертикальной полоской у носа. Ангарской породы и жутко-лохматый. Через год появились сомнения на счет мужского рода и при ближайшем изучении мальчик оказался девочкой. Поэтому "любопытство с раскосыми глазами" сейчас откликается на прежнее имя, но поменяло род. Наверное, как и у всех обожает рвать обои и рассыпать "горох" во время прогулок. Всем пока!



Всё было хорошо, он и кушал и бодренький был. а вчера при кормёжке вытянулся и закоченел с раскрытым ртом, мы делали ему массаж сердце и малышок пришёл в себя...правда всё мёрз и синел как-то. вчера вечером он умер (но родители это от меня скрыли). узнала это я сегодня....Жаль, мы ничего не смогли сделать, природу не обманешь....

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Help with baby bunny

I just brought Ripley home on Tuesday and he seems to be settling in fine. He's only a month old so I'm wondering what kind of diet I can feed him. He's getting hay and pellets but is there anything else he can have?

He's sleeping in his litterbox instead of using it so I'm going to get another one and put it in the corner he's using for the washroom. Is it okay to take him out everyday so that he gets used to me? I was worried about how Poppy would react but so far she's just sniffed around his cage and gone about her business. She doesn't seem to pay too much attention to him whereas he kind of jumps up when she hops around on the carpet. He isn't really drinking from his bottle and I have a water dish out but I want him to learn how to use the water bottle. Any advice regarding baby rabbits would be helpful! :)

Some pics:


Ignore Ripley's demon eyes! My camera acts up. His eyes are really a grayish colour.



The joys of introducing new foods

I don't know about the rest of you, but in my experience, trying to get a rabbit to try a new food is often a hugely frustrating experience. Karnage was a particularly fussy eater; I don't know how much money I spent on various snacks and other goodies just to have him turn his nose up at them. Yogurt drops were the only things that he ever latched onto immediately.

Mickey's slightly more interested in trying new foods, but he is extremely hesitant to try something on the spot; I either have to leave it in his cage for a day or so and hope he decides to try it, or put it on the floor when he's out and about. I'm not sure if this is because of his early life in someone's basement or not, but he likes to eat his food off the floor. I usually put it on a paper plate or a plastic lid to try to keep my floor clean, but it's often a futile gesture; he just tosses everything off whatever it's placed on, then he'll eat it off the floor.

The newest additions to his diet are fresh papaya and pineapple juice, neither of which went over big at first. I figured that the papaya wouldn't be a big deal because he loves his dried papaya, but he completely turned his nose up at it. I tried wiping a little piece onto a paw, but he just shook it off and gave me a look that said, "What on earth are you doing, silly Mum?" Today, I put a few small scoops in one of his crocks instead of giving him his carrots. He sniffed at it, shuddered, then laid down for a nap. When I went to let him out this evening for exercise, however, the crock was empty. A couple pieces were on the cage floor, but the rest was gone. That's a relief; fresh papaya's damn expensive, and I was not looking forward to possibly having to toss it out because it wasn't getting eaten.

The pineapple juice was on recommendation from the vet because of his tummy issues--her orders were to give him a couple teaspoons via syringe twice a day to help with digestion and get more fluids in him. I was not at all optimistic about this. I'd tried offering him pineapple chunks recently, but he ignored them completely--wouldn't even touch them on the floor. I tried putting some juice in a small dish and leaving it in his cage, but by evening, it was still untouched, so I knew I'd have to syringe some into him. I don't like force-feeding a rabbit unless it's a medical emergency, and the times I'd tried force-feeding Karnage when he was ill were largely unsuccessful, so I was not looking forward to trying to get a syringe-full of juice down Mickey's throat. Sure enough, he was not having any of it at first, and I got more on his ear and face than in him because he was struggling so much. (It didn't help matters that my son was watching the whole procedure and laughing at us.)

Once Mickey actually got the juice in his mouth, though, he stopped struggling. I gave him a second to let things sink in; his tongue was going a mile a minute and he had a look on his face that said, "Oh, hey, this isn't so bad after all." I put the syringe in his mouth again and this time, he let me give him the rest of it. I've left the remainder of the juice in the dish in his cage in the hopes that he'll drink it. If he does, that means I won't have to keep using the syringe, I'll just keep using the dish. If he doesn't, then I'll have to stick to the syringe.


Just a little intro.

I'm new to this community, and new to rabbits. I'd had just about every animal imaginable, except for a bunny, until a few days ago when one found me.
Meet the captain. I found her in the middle of the bush, extremely dehydrated, and starving. She bounded straight up to me wanting some food, so I offered her some fruit I had. Of course, I had no intention of leaving her there, so I put her in a box and carted her home, where she is now terrorising my cat, and being a stroppy little thing.
Apparently she's an English Spotted, but I know little to nothing about rabbit markings/breeds, so any light on this would be welcome. I'm also open to any suggestions of treats/fresh fruit and veg that rabbits really like. So far she's been eating everything I can definitely say is safe- so carrots, parsley, bok choy etc.
She's going to the vet in the next couple of days for a checkup.
Here's a couple of pictures if anyone is interested on seeing my new buddy.


So there's a discussion going on in the stupidpetowners community about a picture of a kitte and a bird. People are saying it's stupid because cat saliva is toxic to birds as it contains pasteurella.

I know most rabbits carry the pasteurella bacteria, even if they're not infected with it.

So are rabbits toxic to birds too? Anyone know?

I ask as someone who adores both species and one day plans to have parrots. I'd hate to do it just to find out the one is going to kill the other.


So there's a discussion going on in the stupidpetowners community about a picture of a kitte and a bird. People are saying it's stupid because cat saliva is toxic to birds as it contains pasteurella.

I know most rabbits carry the pasteurella bacteria, even if they're not infected with it.

So are rabbits toxic to birds too? Anyone know?

I ask as someone who adores both species and one day plans to have parrots. I'd hate to do it just to find out the one is going to kill the other.

Ушастые, пушистые, любимые!