о нас очередной раз написали в газете, на этот раз в "Комсомолке".
http://stav.kp.ru/daily/24217/419648/ - статья и ролик...
фото еще.. http://stav.kp.ru/photo/344417/
поссум тоже мой!

и сегодня по ТВ -Россия показывали ))




Happy adoption day, Arthur!

It's been a whole year since I adopted Sir Arthur Fuzzbutt McFluffersons.  Where has the time gone?  And how does he manage to get cuter every day?!



I just have a question, I was cleaning matted fur from my rabbits behind, as she's older and has trouble moving around, and I saw a little bit of blood, how do i clean it? so it doesnt get infected or anything? water is okay? I'm not really sure.


Hoppy Holidays, everyone!

Our 2 year-old granddaughter Mimi loves her some wascally wabbit, so I promised to send her pictures of Mickey for Christmas. I took these last week, and finally have some time to share them:

"Excuse me? This is not the dandelion greens salad I ordered. Get me the chef!"

At the moment, he's alternating between bunnydancing around my dining room/office and tugging on my pants leg for attention. I'm semi-dreading the day we get our Christmas tree and I have to figure out how to keep all the needles away from a hungry wabbit.


Grace and Gregory send their Greetings

Someone wonderful looked past Jack and Flossy's red eyes and adopted them for their loving, attentive personalities! Their humans will be so happy to have them. They are fabulous bunnies.So we say hel...


Поддержите пожалуйста своим голосом доброе дело!

 Есть такой сайт www.claws.ru -картотека потерянных и найденных животных. Благодаря ему находят старых или новых хозяев очень много животных. Сейчас проходит конкурс, в котором победители получат серьезную сумму денег.Claws делает огромное дело, помогая животным(ветклиники, передержки, поиск хозяев)! Проголосуйте пожалуйста за картотеку перейдя по ссылке
Спасибо большое!!!


кролик Милка

завели себе кролика и он постоянно бегает за мной и лижет пятки...может что то ему не хватает???
у нас был уже до этого кролик и не было таких проблем.


December Bunnies of the Month!

Merlin and TriciaMerlin and Tricia have set up housekeeping together! These two youngsters, both born in the spring of 2006, were lucky to have found their way to us since both of them were facing dir...


Scampi! (x-posted)

Hello Bunnyland!

it's been a while! I wanted to let everyone know that Scampi and I have moved into our own apartment in a little old house and are very happy. Scampi prefers carpeted floors but gets around well on the hardwood, she adjusted pretty fast (although she has less space to prance and binky since there's only one rug!) She's enjoying her extra freedom, and has realized that the kitchen = food. She comes running when the fridge is opened, and hangs around my feet alot when I'm cooking. funny girl!

Anyway, here are some pictures for you :)

oh, did you make me a kale salad?

this is her favourite hangout spot.


helicopter ears

hey, someone left the fridge open!


Продам карликовых крольчат-вислоухий баран

Карликовые крольчата породы вислойхий баран готовы к переезду 3 января 2009г.
тел.89135098181, Аська 172517562


Thank you

i want to say thank you to every one who replied to my post about Sam having trouble adjusting to our move.  I'm having internet trouble so I can't say it personally to everyone.  He almost came out today!  I left the cage door open and left the room for a few minutes and when I came back in he was on the verge of coming out!!! Of course he saw me and darted back in... :) Thank everyone for the advice.  It maes me feel so much better to now other people have gone through this.



Terrific Tuesday: Adoption Event News!

Good morning fellow bunny friends! We certainly have some post-Thanksgiving blessings to be thankful for--ADOPTIONS! That's right! Three bunnies hippity-hoppity, off to loving homes.



Dexter & Lily

Hey! I just noticed--Milly, Tilly, Dexter and Lily...that's RHYMES!


OT: HVRR Third Annual Winter Raffle

Huron Valley Rat Rescue's third annual Winter Raffle is finally here! Clickie for more details and to buy tickets. More prizes to come!

There are several non-rat-related prizes, so even if you don't have rats, go take a look!


Just want to show off my new icon. Because it's Christmas-y and ridiculously cute! Here are the original (bunny) pictures if you want to see them bigger: 


Smirnoff did not like her hat at all and knocked it off several times before biting it, digging at it and giving me the bunny butt. Which is why hers is less clear. Bruiser (who I thought would like it less as he's much shyer than Smirnoff) was quite happy to accept his bribe of raisins and pose nicely. In other news I have been abandoned by my boyfriend in favour of my animals! He came into the flat today, gave me a quick and and kiss and went into the bedroom, followed by my dog, to put down his bags. 10 minutes later I went to see where he'd got to and found him sitting on the floor with my dog on one side having his ears scratched, Smirnoff on his knee having her head scratched and Bruiser cautiously sniffing his feet. I felt neglected.



I recently (about 3 weeks ago) moved  to a new house and since them Sam doesn't want to come out of his cage. A few times I've picked him up to pet him and then put him on the floor hoping he'd stay out for a bit.  He just sniffs for about a minutes or so and hops back in his cage.  He shows no inclination of wanting to come out on his own. His appetite, drinking and bathroom habits are normal. His playing habits seem to be as well.  He still begs for treats and lets me know when he wants love.  It worries me that he won't come out. What can I do to encourage him and make him more comfortable in our new home?


cold bunnies?

I'm in the Bay Area in California, and I'm just entering the first winter with my bunnies. It's started to get a bit chilly, and I've noticed that they don't really want to come out and play quite as much recently... How cold is too cold for the bunnies? When should I start getting concerned about the temperature? It's chilly in my house sometimes now - cold enough that sometimes I'll want to put on a sweater just to hang around.

Also, any ideas for making the coolness more tolerable for them? If I put a blanket in their pen for them to snuggle with, would that possibly help?


Кролик болен

У моего кролика отказали задние лапки,висят как тряпочки. На следующий день передняя лапка как парализованая стала. Кто-то может что-то посоветовать? Врач предполагает, что у кролика перебитый позвоночник. Я это исключаю, клетка закрыта.


I just read on rabbit.org (and want to confirm) that rabbits shed every 3 months and every second shedding is light followed three months later with a heavy shedding.
Gromit, I believe, is going through a very heavy shedding.  To the point that it looks like the outer coating (the harder bristles) are coming out and all is left is the soft down.  Does this make sense?  I'm watching her closely for any skin problems, going off her eating, etc.  But see nothing of the kind.  Just tons of hair coming out.


Say Hello to Homer.

Our little Sammy has gone to a good home.  Taking his place on MySpace is our precious Homer.
HomerAwwww, look at this adorable tan and grey Holland lop! Homer, born in January of 2005, is a true...

Ушастые, пушистые, любимые!