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Многие не задумываются над тем, сколько всего было выстрадано животными, которых убили для того, чтобы из их шкурок изготовить мех. Я тоже не задумывалась об этом, пока не увидела видео, где показывалось, как в Китае с ещё живых енотов сдирают шкуры. После этого я, естественно, отказалась от ношения меха. Многие приходят к этому после таких видео, после прочтения листовок, просмотра плакатов. Считаю, что нужно распространять листовки, плакаты, видео --- по интернету, развешивая в людных местах, распространяя по почтовым ящикам, чтобы как можно больше людей увидели их. Население нужно просвящать «наглядными пособиями». Листовки можно отпечатать в «Копи-центрах», там можно оттиражировать их, так дешевле. Присоединяйтесь!
А вот ссылки с архивами различных листовок, не только антимеховых, но и других тематик по защите животных. Общий архив (все файлы):
http://zhestokosti.net/dl/all.zip (35,7Мб)

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http://zhestokosti.net/dl/companion.zip (3,88Мб)

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http://zhestokosti.net/dl/trafaret.zip (1,99Мб)

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http://zhestokosti.net/dl.html, http://animalrights.ru/download, http://foto.mail.ru/mail/usama_mnemonikk/agit/, http://vegan.ucoz.ru/photo/

Здесь – видео, «Звезды в защиту животных» - http://video.mail.ru/mail/kdsanimals/1588/2468.html


In relation to this post.

After listening to everyone's idea's I decided to try out the Snak Shak.

So on Saturday I went to Pets at Home and picked up the hamster log, because it was cheaper than the larger ones and I didn't want to spend a lot of money (I'm off to Tenerife in a week! :D). I gave it to the bunnies at about 5 in the evening.

They seemed to take your claims of durability as a personal challenge.

On sunday at half 3 in the afternoon it looked

At half 9 this morning (monday) it looked

All together now!


EDIT: It's now 15:50 and it doesn't even resemble a tunnel anymore! Pictures on a different computer unfortunately...


upset & scared

So, as some of you may remember Truffle has been speed dating the last month or so. Today, we finally found a pretty good match (she was kind of scared of him, but no animosity towards each other at all). So I brought the little cutie home and put them in the playpen together all day and evening.

Things are moving slowly but the bunny ladies assured me that it looked like it might work out. I haven't officially adopted him though, they said I can bring him back in a week if Truffle is miserable and things don't work out.

Now the scary part... As the evening went on I began to notice that new bunny sneezed quite a bit. Now, Truffle has sneezed a few times in her lifetime but throughout the day I probably heard this bunny sneeze 10 or so times. On closer inspection I could tell his nose was a little runny. Not discharge-like really, more like clear like a normal human runny nose type deal. He also seemed to be breathing quickly, although truffle does too. I couldn't hear any noises sounding like it was hard to breathe though. I checked his eyes- clear and bright. Ears- fine. Poop-normal. Eating/drinking-normal.

I looked up sneezing on google and it led me to a page about Snuffles/Pasteurella. Could this be what this bunny has? If it's likely, then I most definately exposed my poor Truffles to it and that makes me really sad and a terrible mother.

So, what do you think I should do? Contact the rescue and ask them what to do? Should I take it to the vet ASAP, even though I haven't officially adopted him?
What do you think bunny has? I am very scared, but am expecting the worst :( And, to make things worse, Truffle still seems afraid of the new bunny. I hate putting her under any stress so I have separated them for the night.



Hello, new here, and new rabbit owner.

Hello everyone. I just got a mini rex rabbit whom I named Thumper. He is pretty well trained, since we got him from someone else. I have a few questions about rabbits. Is there any way to get them to stop scratching when they're being picked up? I know he is scared, but is there any way to calm him down a little bit? He is really friendly, so he only scratches. Also, what is the best type of litter for his litter box? When we got him he had these greyish pellet like litter in his litter box, but we don't know what it is called. And one last question, would putting blankets in his cage for comfort be bad in any way? He has a metal cage like bottom, which looks pretty uncomfy for a rabbit.

Thank you everyone :)


Всем привет!!!
можно ли приучить кролика к туалету в одно место!!!!!!!!
как надоели эти шарики...и др.


first post, odd question

Hi! I'm new to the community - I am a co-owner of two pretty babies - Gus, a white/black spotted mini-rex, and Bunny Page, a grey cutie about the same size (3.5lb-ish?). . .we adopted them this summer.

I promise, the Halloween costumes were on-and-off within 10 seconds - enough for a raisin-snack and a disapproving glance.
Background - they're our first bunnies, and we feed them a small handful of oxbow each a day, tons of timothy, a bunch of greens, and a little treat (raisin or apple-bits). They have a pen in half our kitchen, and run the living room when we're home and watching.
Anyway. Here's my scenario. So, last night, something very out-of-the-ordinary happened. Gus, who is very rambunctious by nature, was sniffing at me - and nibbling/nosing my bathrobe as I knelt on the ground by him (he doesn't seem to like folds in fabric - has to smooth them out?) . . But this time, he lunged up and bit my lip hard enough to draw blood and give me a lovely "split-lip"  today.  I was startled, but calm enough to just shuttle him over to the pen for bed-time. Now, I figured it was due to him being fed-up with my "corrective measures" - redirecting his attention elsewhere and telling him "no" for eating my bathrobe. . . but tonight, I tried an experiment. 
In the past, he's been bitey-lickey at my knees when I've worn a specific herbal muscle-rub.  Last night, I was wearing burt's bees "lifeguard" lip balm - it has a strong mint smell.  I think I may have put the two together. . .so, I slathered a piece of paper with the lip balm today, and offered it to him. 
Well! He ripped the paper out of my hands, and immediately went to eating it. . .and growled at Bunny when she tried to sniff at it - he growled again at me when I took it away. I then put them to "bed" again.
So, a few questions. First - do other bunnies have some sort of ravenous blind love for peppermint-scented body products?  Second - do you have a curfew for your bunnies? We're late people, and the bunnies usually get "penned" around midnight. . .I naively thought that they'd just go to sleep when they needed. . .but Gus won't sit still when he has the option of running around, and gets really crabby 'round midnight.  Third - what's with the fabric-freaking?  He's neutered (she's spayed). . .but he has that weird habit of kneading folds in fabric (and trying to eat the one velour blanket. . .which he has to tunnel under covers to find!).  Are mini-rexes all psycho like Gus? 

When we got them, Gus had caught our eye at the humane society. . .and Bunny happened to be stuck in his cage with him, and they weren't fighting.  We got her because she is a shy, shy little girl and I couldn't bear to think of her in a house with kids who are noisy and want to pick her up all the time - but with his fearless example, she binkies about the house just as often as he. They have tons of toys they ignore, and seem to love tissue paper and trying to get where the cords are (normal, I understand?).   What else can we do to make/keep our bunnies happy? 

So many questions from a neurotic newer bunny owner!



Does anyone else have a bunny that likes eating flowers?  Arthur found my red roses irresistable and was quite miffed when I took the flower away.

Will it harm him?


I think I am officially Public Enemy Number One again.

After spending months feeding Bruiser treats by hand several times a day and spending hours sitting on my floor I was finally getting him to trust me again. He was starting to come and try and climb up my legs looking for treats and has thought about jumping up to join me in my bed several times.

And then I went and, horror of horrors, trimmed His Majesty's nails!

I've been putting it off as long as I can because I didn't want to scare him. But one of his back nails was starting to turn sideways so I had to get it done.

I bunny burritoed him and flipped him on his back. Got them done as quickly as possible and unwrapped him. He then gave the craisin I offered him the Ultimate Bunny Butt, jumped off my bed, ran to his cage door, looked back over his shoulder at me, thumped and ran inside to the very back corner.

He didn't even come to his food bowl when I fed him. Just sat in the corner looking very disapproving.

In other news, my relationship with Smirnoff has come on in leaps and bounds since I started clicker training her! She'll now come running out of her cage everytime I open the door, she'll sit by my feet under my desk whilst I work and I can't sit on the floor without her climbing in my lap. I think she's mainly looking for food, but I can convince myself it's love if I like!

And, just for fun:

Give. Me. The. KALE!!!

I said: GIVE IT TO ME! (That "Beware of the Rabbit" sign is very well placed!)

Flopped out under my desk whilst I revise.

Joined by Sparky

I can come up plz?

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post op behaviour

the girls had their spays yesterday lunchtime.
the vet advised us that they should be 'back to normal' by today and they are anything but.

schneller is gradually improving, moving about, taking little bits of pineapple juice and water from a syringe and she's just eaten her first pellet (since the op they've had parsley, carrot, kale, pellets available to them).

but pumpkin is barely moving around (her eyes look alert and fine, but she's just not moving about much) and hasn't taken any water since last night (we've been trying through the night).

they are on isotonic tablets from the vet, but i'm terrified about stasis.
how long can they last like this before we've got big problems? i'll call the vet once they are open, i've just never been through this so don't know what my expectations should be.

thanks in advance.

eta: we've taken them to the vets where they got painkillers, antibiotics and something for gastric motility. we also learnt how to wrap them in a towel and get the food syringe in good. :)

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The wascally wabbit strikes again

I posted a couple of weeks ago about trying to figure out how to keep Mickey away from our Christmas tree. Unfortunately, we couldn't come up with a good way to keep him away from it, so we ended up blocking his access to the room where the tree was and instead letting him use the hallway for exercise. It worked fairly well for him, although less well for me because that meant I had to sit with him in the hallway or in the kitchen leading into the hallway, because if I didn't, he'd spend his exercise time trying to get at which ever room I was in. (Not that I minded sitting with him, but after a while, my legs would start to get numb, so it was not very pleasant.)

Today, we took the tree down and moved everything back to where it was before. Because his exercise area had been so limited (and because my husband's away on business, so no crabbing about the rabbit being out and underfoot), I decided to give Mickey an extra-long outing.

BIG mistake on my part, for the following reasons:

1. While rearranging the area where the tree had been, I had placed fewer boxes out to block Mickey's access to the areas where all our cords were. I thought I had managed to come up with a placement that used minimal boxes, but still kept him from getting in those areas. I had even used his tunnel in one section instead of boxes because I thought he would be more interested in going in and out of his tunnel than in trying to get behind it.

2. I assumed that because he hadn't been in the dining room/office area in two weeks, he would be so excited to be out that he would spend more time running around and less time trying to get at anything.

Wrong on both counts.

Mickey was definitely thrilled to be back in the room. There was lots of leaping and bunnydancing and general bunny bliss...for all of about ten minutes. Next thing I know, he's trying to get under my husband's desk, which I had clearly not blocked off as thoroughly as I used to. I shooed him out of there, moved some hastily-grabbed small boxes into place--and then spent the next couple of hours trying to keep him from getting past the boxes. He knew he wasn't supposed to be there, because as soon as I'd clap my hands or call out his name, he'd back off, look up at me as if to say, "Aw Mum, you never let me have any fun.", then go right back to it when he thought I wasn't watching. I finally placed his toy bin in front of the boxes, which kept him from squeezing his plump bunny butt in what space there was there, and he lost interest.

Everything seemed to be fine after that for a few hours. He was running back and forth on the floor mats, checking out the gate blocking off the living room, nibbling on some dried papaya I had put out for him to snack on, and coming up to me for pats and attention in between. When I would look up from the computer to check to see where he was, most of the time I would find him flopped at my feet.

Silly me for allowing myself to be lulled into a false sense of security.

I had looked up from the computer one last time and saw him in his litterbox on the far side of the room. Not five minutes later, my son walks in and says:

"Holy s**t! How long has he been back there?!"

He dashes over to the TV table area, which is where the bulk of our electric cords can be found and pulls aside the rabbit tunnel, the large cushions and the plastic footstool that I had used to block off that area. I can hear Mickey scrabbling around back there, but I can't see him at first. When I do, I immediately scoop him up and put him back in his cage while my son starts checking the cords for damage. I told him there was no way Mickey could have done any harm there because he hadn't been back there long enough.

Wrong again. In that brief period, he had managed to snip through every cord he could get at before we caught him.

Damage done:

3 phone cords
1 cell phone charger cord
1 power adapter cord to cordless phone base (which killed not only the base, but all three of the handsets that went with it)

Estimated cost of replacement: $100-$120.

Fortunately, the cords can all be replaced either by tomorrow or within the week, but needless to say, I'm more annoyed with myself than with Mickey. I'm familiar with his habits enough to know when he's hit the point where boredom becomes destruction, but I wasn't paying enough attention to notice. Before he's allowed out again, I'm going to have to do some serious reinforcing of that area (and the area under my husband's desk) to make sure that he cannot get back there again.

It's a good thing my husband isn't home--I'd never hear the end of it.

"Cords? I don't know nuthin' 'bout no cords--where's my lawyer?
I been framed, I tell ys!"



So for the past 6 months or so, I've been thinking hard about adopting a rabbit, or a bonded pair. I've been doing a lot of reading, but there is one thing I'm worried about. Rabbits, just like all other companion animals, get sick from time to time. My parents said they would be willing to pay for food and things I'll need to build their 'houses' etc. I'm worried about vet fees. I'm currently 17 and unemployed. I guess I'd like to hear your stories, regarding your companion rabbits. How do I find a cheap vet? Are there illnesses that rabbits get that can be treated safely at home? etc.

Did anyone else have the same worry as me before they got their bunnies? I fear them getting sick and me being totally unable to help them. :(

Thank you!


Chronic "snuffles", x-posted

One of my rabbits, Vladimir, has had chronic "snuffles" (upper respiratory infection) for a while now. I adopted him in June of '06 and he was first officially diagnosed in April of '07. We have tried a few different medicines and while they appear to keep the symptoms at bay for a while, about two weeks to a month after going off the medicine the symptoms will appear again.

Vladimir's symptoms have gradually gotten more severe. It started with just excessive sneezing and then as he got worse, he began to have difficulty clearing his nose and now also has a small amount of clear discharge coming from his nose.

I've been trying to compile a record of sorts, involving when and for how long Vlad was medicated since that first diagnosis in April '07. I should have been doing this from the beginning, I know, but I didn't. So I have a very rough timeline.

April 28, 2007 - Vladimir was diagnosed with a respiratory infection and prescribed 8mL of Baytril for 14 days, every 12 hours. (Also prescribed Benebac.)

I never wrote it down, but I know that after the two weeks were up Vladimir seemed to be doing just fine. However, it was some time in late summer or early fall that I brought him back to the vet again for the same problem. Again he was prescribed Baytril & Benebac, again he got better...for a while.

I confess that after a while I started to think maybe the sneezing wasn't such a huge issue, since after all it's never affected his playfulness, appetite, or anything else. At worst it seemed like an annoyance to him. He wasn't yet exhibiting the more severe symptoms -- he wasn't yet pawing at his nose, trying to clear it so that he could breathe better. I was stupid and didn't realize it would escalate to that point.

So, several months went by of just excessive sneezing, no symptoms that made me really worry too much. I had read that some rabbits just had chronic sneezing and I thought Vlad was one of them.

Fast forward to October '08, when Vlad started to get worse. I made a vet appointment and again he was prescribed Baytril and Benebac, this time a higher dosage. This time the Baytril was in tablet form, too, which was twenty million times more difficult to deal with than the liquid Baytril. (Vladimir is, uh, pretty uncooperative when it comes to taking his medicine. Though apparently the Benebac is delicious!)

So, the Baytril did not work at all this time, even though the vet took a culture of the discharge from Vladimir's nose and found that the bacteria should be sensitive to the Baytril. (The vet also mentioned that Vlad's teeth appeared slightly overgrown. When I clip my rabbits' nails every month or so I do a quick examination of them, but I hadn't noticed anything wrong with Vlad's teeth.)

Next up on our list of medication was, oddly enough, children's cherry-flavored Benadryl. The vet said she thought that since the antibiotic wasn't working, we could try an allergy medication instead. The Benadryl had no effect.

So back to the vet again, and this time we were prescribed 0.5mL Trimethoprim-sulfa, twice a day for two weeks, as well as the good ol' Benebac. Because Vladimir didn't show too much improvement when the two weeks was up, I continued it for another week. There was significant improvement for a while afterward.

Fast forward again to now, about a month after the Trimethoprim-sulfa. All of his symptoms are back and at their worst. He's still active and seems like himself, with his usual gigantic appetite, but he has trouble clearing his nose and sneezes more frequently than ever. It breaks my heart to hear him.

Now, if you actually read that big, fat explanation, I'm asking for your advice.
Should I try the Trimethoprim-sulfa again, but for a longer period of time (four weeks? more?) to hopefully kill this bacteria once and for all?
Or do you think that there could be something else causing this that won't be solved by antibiotics alone? I read here that dental problems or foreign bodies can cause "snuffles".

Also -- his environment is not dusty, dirty, or drafty. My other rabbit, who is bonded to Vladimir, has never had any respiratory issues. Neither has my guinea pig, whose cage is in the same room that the rabbits live in. I would think that "snuffles" would be contagious at least to other rabbits, but although my rabbits share bowls, a litterbox, and living quarters, they have never shared this disease.

I feel at a loss here. No treatment has worked and it makes me want to tear my hair out. I just want my poor boy to feel like he can breathe freely. All the same, I don't want to go down the same treatment path if it's not going to do anything for him.

I am taking him to the vet ASAP, but I want to know if anyone on LJ has had this experience with a rabbit or has any helpful advice.


Bunny pee?

Arthur is brilliantly litter-trained and has been since he was 10 weeks old (he is now over a year old).  However, two or three times in the last couple of months he has left little spots of pee behind.  Not enough for a full-on wee, just little bits.

His litter tray is still full of what it should be, and he eats and drinks normally.  Need I be concerned?

Just so this isn't all words, here is a pic taken tonight:



Oxbow Bunny Food

I recently bought a new bag of 10lbs Oxbow 15/23. I was told a few months ago that it was good bunny food. I thought so too after reading the ingredients list online. I was reading through the ingredients list on my new bag when I noticed something I didn't see/overlooked the last time.


Alfalfa Meal, Soybean Hulls, Wheat Middlings, Soybean Meal, Limestone, Salt, Cane Molasses, Yeast Culture (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), Vitamin A Acetate, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Vitamin E Supplement (tocopherol), Vitamin C Supplement (Ascorbic Acid), Colloidal Silica, Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex (vitamin K), Riboflavin, Niacin Supplement, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Pantothenic Acid, Biotin, Thiamine, Choline Chloride, DL-Methionine, Pyrodoxine Hydrochloride, Folic Acid, Sodium Selenite, Magnesium Sulfate, Ferrous Sulfate, Cobalt Carbonate, Manganese Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Zinc Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Mineral Oil, Calcium Iodate, Potassium Chloride

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude Protein min 15.00%
  • Crude Fat min 2.00%
  • Crude Fiber min 22.00%, max 25.00%
  • Moisture max 10.00%
  • Calcium min 0.50%, max 1.00%
  • Phosphorus min 0.25%
  • Salt min 0.50%, max 1.00%
  • Vitamin A IU/KG 10,000
  • Vitamin D IU/KG 400
  • Vitamin E IU/KG 140
  • Copper mg/kg 13
I don't know much about rabbit food, but limestone? And also, Menadione is synthetic vitamin K (vitamin K3 I think) and its linked to lier problems in dogs. Is it as harmful to rabbits, with their sensitive deigestive tract and all. My bun is doing really well on Oxbow and I'd hate to switch her to another brand.

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Vote for Us!!

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I'm looking for advice on longer lasting, tasty chews for my babies. The Destructa Bunny of Dooom (AKA SMIRNOFF) destroys anything in her cage.

[All the following links are to the Pets at Home website, nothing scary I promise!]

Cardboard boxes will last up to a couple of hours (depending on the size of the box) and toilet tubes are gone withing minutes. But I tend not to give them cardboard as Smirnoff will pee on it. The old phone book lasted them a while but, again, Smirnoff peed on it.

These last for a couple of days (if the dog doesn't get hold of them first, in which case they go in a couple of minutes!).

I bought one of these last weekend. The carrots are now all gone. The patch looks nothing like the picture anymore.  It's basically shredded.

This I bought last weekend too. They've got halfway through it (the carrot stuff anyway, not the wood) and it is officially the longest lasting chewy thing they've had!

This type of thing they get rarely, as it's sugary, but they'll destroy it in less than an hour!

I bought wooden "Nibblestix", thinking they'd last longer as they're wood and they've been completely ignored. A wooden playhouse has been ignored too (other than to be used as a step by Bruiser).

A cardboard tube covered with grasses and hay lasted Bruiser just fine until Smirnoff came along and she ripped it to pieces by digging inside it.

I need ideas! What do you give your bunnies to chew? How long does it last them? Anything that's not too expensive or can be made at home would be brilliant (I am a poor, poor student after all).

Thank you!



Happy New Year: Adoption Event Results!

Fantastic adoption event news! Three more bunnies will be ringing in the new year is NEW HOMES! I think you should make it your new year's resolution to spread this good news and let people know that we've got MORE bunnies looking for their furever homes!

Sage -

Goodboy -

Earl Gray -

It's a fact--bunnies are awesome. Spread the good word! GO TEAM BUNNY!


New Faces to MySpace

Homer, Matthias, and Taylor have all found wonderful families.Introducing three new bunnies to our MySpace friends:PollySomeone thrust baby Polly into the hands of a stranger, saying, "Want a bunny?" ...



Я Милый!


Ты не один!

Я буду тебе другом в Новом Году!


Meet Will! He belongs to a girl at uni, who has gone to Spain for Christmas and so i'm looking after him for a couple of weeks! He's an un-neutered male mini lop. The picture below is an old one of him that his owner sent to me.

Things I have learnt since Will arrived at half 11 yesterday morning:

1. Unneutered male rabbits STINK! I don't know how his owner can keep him in her room. Then again, she was just using wood shavings for his litterbox. I've changed it for carefresh, which "eliminates urine odours", so hopefully that will keep some of the smell away.

2. I MUST wash my hands between handling Will and handling Bruiser.

I had Will out yesterday evening for a bit of a snuggle and to make sure he was settling in alright. I then, without thinking, went and took Bruiser out for a cuddle in the sitting room. When I put him back in my bedroom Smirnoff took one look at him and charged. Bits of white fluff went flying and I got bitten hard enough to draw blood twice trying to pick Bruiser back up. It was only then that I realised my silly misake. I took Bruiser back out and put him down in the kitchen whilst I washed my hands and got the bunny carrier to put Bruiser in whilst I decided what to do.

I took a towel and rubbed it over Smirnoff and then Bruiser and then Smirnoff and then Bruiser etc. to try and make them smell like each other. I put him on the floor, with Smirnoff shut in the cage. Bruiser went over to the cage, Smirnoff sniffed him a couple of times, grunted, charged at the wire and tried to bite him. So Bruiser went back in the carrier. I then took some soggy paper from the titterbox and rubbed that over Bruiser and let him out again. This time Smirnoff was less inclined to try and charge but still grunting. So I put them both in the carrier, put a towel over the top and shook it about on my knees for about 10 minutes. I then let them out in the bath and they acted fine. So I carefully let them back out in the bedroom. After that there was a bit of humping by Smirnoff, some chin rubbing and then a few small groomings too.

After watching them for a while I gave them some nice carrot treats to share and went to bed, very carefully listening for any signs of fighting.

This morning when I let them out there were Brilliant Bruiser Binkies and Small Smirnoff Binkies (which is amazing, because she doesn't normally binky at all) an what I think was play chasing. They were chasing after each other like they were fighting but the one running away was binkying. And it was Bruiser chasing Smirnoff rather than the other way round.

So I think we're all alright again. But I do not want to ever have that experiance again! From now on hand-washing is a must between handling Will and handling Bruiser!

In completely other news, Bruiser's confidence is coming on in leaps and bounds! He will now come up to me and climb on my lap if I'm sitting on the floor or try and climb up my leg if I'm walking around. He also tried to jump on my bed for the first time today! I say tried because he failed and fell off. He also went up to the door of my room, which doesn't sound like much but he normally stays away from it like it's going to eat him! This is all a far cry from the bunny who refused to leave his cage when I first bought him home. I'm so happy about it!

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Ушастые, пушистые, любимые!