What's going on.

So, I took Quazy to the vet today. This morning, he was breathing ok and not sneezing like he'd done last night. This afternoon however, the sneezing started again. I vacuumed the apartment, thinking that if I did that, that might help keep the dust down. He still continued to sneeze even after I was done. His breathing got worse after I'd vacuumed. I couldn't stand it anymore, so Itook him and Madelyn to the vet.
We got there and they started asking me all the usual questions. I didn't get to see my usual vet today, but I saw the other exotic's vet. She looked at Quazy first. His teeth were a little long she said, but not too bad. She could cut them down ifI wanted her to. She listened to his heart and lungs and didn't say if she heard anything or not. She said he was a little bit under weight. she said she was going to X-ray his chest for Pastorela. She took him in the back and did that and also brought Madelyn back with her so she could look at her. Madelyn looked fine, until the vet looked at her mouth. Madelyn's right molars are twice as long as they should be. So, she will have to have those taken care of in a couple weeks. Quazy has Pastorela and the vet wants them both to be on Baytrel so that hopefully Madelyn won't get it. She said that Pastorela can be hard to fight off. Madelyn is underweight as well, so they both have to be on Critical Care to get their weight up. I'm glad I took them both in and trusted my instincts, but dang. I am blind and so is my fiance, so giving them Baytrel and Critical Care is very difficult. We've done this many times before, but Quazy alsoways loses trust in us after the Baytrel is over and gets very scared and anxious. He's a sweet little timid Netherland Dwarf. I hate having to medicate him because it breaks my heart when he is frightened of me. Anyway, I just thought I'd let you all know what's up.
Take Care,


I've got a situation and I don't really know what to do. I bought my bunnies, Quazi and Madelyn, some hay cubes and they came last Thursday. I gave them each one and on Friday, I noticed that Quazy was sneezing a littlebit, but it was nothing major. Today however, I took him out of the pen they live in and he sounded like he was gulping at the air. It scared me. He also kept sneezing for a few seconds at a time. I decided that I'd take him to the vet tomorrow. I'd take him in today, but I don't trust our Emergency vet. I put him in the bathroom in his carrier while I took a shower so that maybe the steam would help him. It seemed to help. After a few hours, I noticed he wasn't eating. I thought maybe it was due to stress and being away from Madelyn why he wasn't eating, so I put him back in the playpen. He wasn't gulping for air then. I checked on him an hour or so ago and he was sneezing a little bit more, but he still seemed ok. What should I do? Do you thinkhe could be ilergic to the hay cubes?I don't want to take him to the vet and have nothing wrong, but if I don't take him in tomorrow and there is something wrong, I'd feel horrible.
Thanks for any help you can provide,


Маруся отдыхает!


Маруся кажется у тебя вкуснее!


Meet our little lion

Since Eleanor and Ellery have been adopted, say hello to our new face to MySpace, the adorable little Robby!Oh boy, oh boy - this little rabbit is a monster of cuteness. Not to say he is a monster at ...


СЕНО- Это основной корм для  Карликовых кроликов ,он должен даваться в неограниченном количестве и быть в свободном доступе для вашего питомца.
Здесь представлены известные марки производителей  сена для кроликов, качество которых проверено временем. Fiory (Италия). Альпийское сено из луговых трав с добавлением ромашки супер премиум класса. Fiory (Италия). Альпийское сено из луговых трав с добавлением одуванчика премиум класса. Fiory (Италия). Альпийское сено из луговых трав с добавлением люцерны премиум класса. Fiory (Италия). Альпийское сено из луговых трав с добавлением лепестков розы премиум класса. Производство Россия. Сено Майское луговое.

Статьи о содержании,кормлении,разведении и лечении кроликов.Генетика окрасов кроликов. Описание пород.


I am thankful for not only one, but TWO bunnies who, when given a GREAT opportunity to run around and destroy everything in sight, choose not to and only leave a few poops here and there.

My bunnies are usually confined to the kitchen by a baby gate and only let out when one of us is watching them. Well, my roommate was in a rush to get to work, so after she left the kitchen, she didn't put the baby gate back. I was asleep in my room for quite awhile (had to have been two hours at least), and I thought I heard something out here, so when I opened the door I saw a little red eye bolt across the room. Of course I nearly peed my pants cause it freaked me out but then when I realized who it was, I nearly peed my pants more thinking they chewed through every cord in the room (TV, VCR, lamps, cable, internet, just EVERYTHING is in here). I do a quick run-through of the room and besides some angry thumps for scaring them, the room went unscathed. There's two little poops and maybe some hair here and there (man their shedding is awful). This is a surprise considering they chewed through two of my MacBook power cables in the past. Maybe that's all they like.

Anywhoo, I'm sure my rabbits will promptly cause a blackout in my apartment now that I've said this, so it's time to go Eagle Eye on them.



Me and my bunny are new to this community, so let me introduce my bunny with a few pictures!

Nijn is 2 years old now, he's favourite food is Endive and Dill, and he loves it when i pet his head.

Find the bunny!

Hay from the other side....


8 weeks old:



Bruiser is in the vets overnight...

When I went to feed the bunnies at 9 this morning, Bruiser just wasn't interested at all. He didn't come out of his cage either, when he normally spends an hour or so running round my room like a mad thing and binkying all over the place. I checked his litter box, which I'd cleaned out late last night, and there were Smirnoff sized poops but no Bruiser size ones.

So he got taken to the vet at half 11. The vet had a good check, which in itself says Bruiser wasn't feeling right. It took me, the vet nurse and the vet to get him still enough to have his myxo vaccine in October. Yet today he let the vet take his temperature and prod his belly and gut and flip him onto his back without even moving.

Anyway, the vet said he didn't feel like he had a blockage, instead his guts felt very liquidy. She was very concerned at the fact that he hadn't passed anything and gave him an injection of something "to get his bowels moving". She also gave me some bunny probiotic to give him three times a day.

She then said if he wasn't amazingly better by this evening to take him back in so they could keep an eye on him overnight. She also said she'd want to see him tomorrow morning anyway, at which point I went "Ah!". Because I'm off to Tenerife first thing tomorrow morning... My flatmate was going to feed the bunnies for me whilst I was away. And, whilst he's happy to do that, he's not a bunny person so wouldn't know what to look for in an unwell rabbit.

So it was decided that he'd stay in the vets for a few days until she was 100% sure he was alright to go home.

He came home with me until 6 this evening though. The vet said it might help him to be in his usual situation to start his bowels moving again, rather than stressing him more by having him somewhere he doesn't know.

At about half 2 he did eat a few leaves of kale and a couple of pellets, but not much. He was still sitting in the corner of his cage without moving. He was slightly more lively than he was in the morning, because he struggled when I tried to give him his medicine and he also spent about 2 minutes out of his cage. He then went straight back to his corner again.

Anyway, he went back to the vets at 6 this evening, with enough food for a couple of days. The vets have my permission to "treat as necessary". They have my boyfriend;s mum's phone number to contact in case anything goes wrong and my flatmate's for if everything goes right and Bruiser is allowed home.

I'm so worried, I know I'm not going to be able to enjoy my holiday at all until I know Bruiser is better. If I could without losing lots of money and REALLY pissing off my boyfriend I'd cancel until he's home again but I can't.

Anyway, your well wishes and prayers (to whatever entity you please) would be much appreciated.

I know he's in the best place for him now and there's nothing more I can do. But I'm so worried.


Usagi stands like people!

Usagi's outdoor hutch faced a rather unfortunate incident last night (we had gale force winds which ended up pushing his hutch over onto its back, and Usagi escaped into the garden. Thankfully I was out there and managed to catch him, but not before a lot of panic). While waiting for my brother to get up to help me move the hutch to safer lands, Usagi had a photo and video session in the bathroom (sounds bizarre, I know, but it is the only room in the house without electrical cables and/or small gaps to crawl under!).

Anyway, without further ado, many Usagi Standie Pictures (and a couple of short videos at the end)!


"Mummy, look how tall I am!"


"I can nearly reach the toilet!"
(I will blame the fact that he pooped on the floor on the fact that our toilet is still too high for him. That, and he would end up jumping in there if I had the lid open. He's just too curious for his own good!)


"So, can I go out to play now?"






"I wanna go play!"


"Wanna go play now!"



He does actually get very impatient, bless him, and gives a literal name to the term "anklebiter".

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Продаются крольчата! В Челябинске!!!

Очаровательные крольчата, очень пушистые и красивые! Возраст 1,5 мес.



Kinda long, so here's a cut: My personal rabbits are Princess and Umaro. They're both New Zealand mixes, although I think Princess has some Flemish Giant in her while Umaro is probably part Florida White, and we're pretty certain that they are former Easter bunnies. She was taken into animal control after being hit by a car, while he was dumped at a pet store in a carrier. It took about six months to get them bonded, but now they groom each other, snuggle together, and Princess has never been happier. Umaro would really prefer to be a 100% free range bunny, but I don't have the space. So instead they share a double x-pen (still with two litter boxes, though I'm working on reducing that to one).

My foster rabbits are a bonded pair of mini rexes, Hazel and Nutmeg. I've had them for well over a year now, and I personally have given up hope that they will ever be adopted. They are shy and hate being picked up. Hazel doesn't like other rabbits and I don't think she likes me (toenail incident that I don't think she's ever going to forgive me for). We've been looking for someone to foster them where they wouldn't have to live in the same room as other rabbits, but have not been successful with that, either.

So I've been debating off and on if I should simply give up and bond them to my own rabbits. At first, I did not think it possible, because Princess was extremely territorial. But now that she's bonded to Umaro, she has completely turned into a different bunny. When she hops up to the other pen, she is no longer growling or lunging (she still feels it necessary to mark the area as hers, but that is normal). I am seeing less aggressive behavior from Hazel, as well.

The bunny lady who runs the rescue is very experienced with bonding, and she feels that if I really wanted to bond them all, it could be done (it would be a lot of work, but that's fine). I fully trust her judgment in this, and I'll have her help (and possibly that of a few of my friends, too) if I go through with it. I simply don't know if it would be the best thing for the bunnies. It would give them more room (they would get my entire room minus the futon), and it would be easier for me to spend time with them when I'm not trying to split my attention between two pairs. I think Princess has mellowed enough that she wouldn't mind. I don't think Umaro would give a darn (he'd love the extra space, though). I think Nutmeg would enjoy getting more petting from me. As for Hazel - I don't know, but I think she is starting to mellow out, too. We got the mini rexes from a confiscation situation where they were living with eight other rabbits, so I know the idea of other rabbits isn't completely foreign to them.

We believe the rabbits are all approximately the same age, so that should not be an issue.

So ... what do you guys think?


Good news at the vet's

Took Mickey to the vet's for a tooth checkup, and wonder of wonders, his teeth are just fine and don't need to be ground down right now. The vet said he will probably need to have them done in about 2-3 months from the angle at which they appear to be growing, but right now everything looks good.

I had a feeling he might not need anything done because he's been eating the Oxbow hay cubes I've been giving him as well as some hay, but it was nice to know for sure (even if it did require a half-hour's drive and cost me $28). The vet did say that it looks like this will have to be a life-long thing because of the angle of his teeth, but if we can keep it to twice a year or less, that's not a problem.

When we got home, I took the opportunity while I had Mickey in his carrier to give his cage a thorough cleaning. The tray under his cage was completely clogged up with hay and hay dust, so I've rigged up a small cardboard box to put hay in for him to eat. He has a hay manger, but he seems to like having the hay at ground level as opposed to having to reach up for it. He seemed happy with it, so hopefully all will be good.

@темы: teeth



у нас кролик стал рвать..жевать и съедать газету...бумагу...
вот и вопрос? а не вредно ли это?


Pedialyte--safe for bunnies?

So one of my cats has stressed and dehydrated herself into a UTI. We're making the necessary changes to get her up to snuff, but one tip makes me ask for confirmation here. I was told it's a good idea to get a little Pedialyte and mix it into the water to help keep electrolyte levels up in kitties.

Thing is, my cats and rabbit all drink out of the same fountains and bowls. I looked in the tags and memories and did an LJSeek search, but Pedialyte's not mentioned. Is it safe for my bunny to drink water with Pedialyte in it? I just want to be very sure.


Anybody in Jersey know these vets? x-posted

My regular vet doesn't feel experienced enough with rabbits to continue trying to treat Vladimir, so I'm looking for a new vet. She gave me the number of an exotics specialist in Parsippany, and I also found a listing on the NJ House Rabbit Society website of a vet that's closer to me.

Has anyone ever taken their rabbit to either the Animal Hospital of Sussex County, or the Companion Animal Hospital in Parsippany?


bunny news

In response to my previous entry here.

Okay, so yesterday I contacted the rescue from which I got the new bunny from. The only response I got was "It's probably allergies, but if you're really concerned you can call the vet." Well since I technically signed the adoption papers (even though they said I could bring him back if Truffle does not bond well to him) I decided it was my responsibility to do what I could to make sure this bunny (and Truffle!) were okay.

I called the office, made an appointment with the bunny vet, and brought both of them in.
He examined Diesel, (that's the name we gave him) and said that his eyes, ears, lungs, and everything checked out good. He said that although Diesel's nose is wetter than normal, it had no pus or colored discharge. He told me that it looked like a very mild upper respiratory infection, and that stress from being in the rescue, foster home, traveling and meeting bunnies probably triggered it. He said that most bunnies have the Pasteurella bacteria and most have a strong enough immune system to ward off infections, but stress can cause little flare ups like this. He checked out Truffle as well and said she looked really healthy, but if she caught anything she wouldn't be showing signs or symptoms yet. He did say that it was probably rare for her to catch it if it was caused by stress.

Basically, the vet gave me the antibiotic Septra to give him twice a day, And told me to keep him and Truffle separated for the next 48 hours but then I can try to bond them again.

You should have seen me going like a madwoman last night disinfecting everything so Truffle could be safely quarantined in her cage for the next 2 days. Cuddly cups were washed, toys were soaked in vinegar, scrubbing down the cage like crazy.. and I know I'll have to disinfect everything Diesel touches when he's done with the antibiotics. I'm kind of a germaphobe and didn't want truffle to come into any more contact than she already had all day Sunday.

Oh, and I didn't know bunny antibiotics are free at Publix?! Woo hoo! Although the pharmacist did have quite a few jokes for me when I went to pick them up.. "The carrots are on aisle 3" etcetc. And a plus, the vet only charged me for one of the bunny's exams because of my situation just adopting Diesel the day before.

So my question for you all, does all the advice I got from my vet sound correct? I'm sure some of you have been in a similar situation before. I just want to have two happy and healthy bunbuns! :)

Truffle does not approve of being quarantined in her cage, but loves the bed that she got for christmas. (Which was thoroughly washed last night)

Diesel! I have no idea what kind of mix he is. He is part lionhead, part something else. 3 pounds, super long ears, pretty white and grey fur and big black tail and black tips on his ears. Any ideas?

Baby pictures of him from the rescue:



2009 So Fine--Adoption Event Results!

2009 is off and running and we have more bunnies off to their furever homes! Thrilling news, people, thrilling news! Spread the word! And while you're at it, we think you should let people know that we have MORE bunnies waiting! In the meantime, here are the happy buns who were adopted:

Brutus -

Madison -

Sadie -

Iggy Hop -

Marquette -

Akiko -

Haruki -

Don't miss out! Your new best friend is waiting!!! GO TEAM BUNNY!


bean pictures

i made bean a cardboard house. i think she likes this one :)

i don't think i ever showed you guys bean's upgraded digs :) den helped me build the cage up and add choroplast. i love choroplast floors, they look so much nicer then anything i've used before and they're so easy to clean.

a play area infron of my closet. bean doesn't really pay attention to this spot and i'm not sure how i can get her interested. the white box has newspaper to shred, and bean has to jump over the thin box to get in that area, i just added that today. i'm trying to encourage her to climb ontop of boxes.

the new castle i put together for bean. she has a tunnel entrance, a window to chew, a box to climb on and a small box full of hay.

nom nom nom

queen bean!



green rabbit tips

Green Rabbit Tips
- Buy food and hay in bulk. By buying your food and other rabbit supplies in bulk, you are reducing packaging waste. Food can be frozen to keep it fresh for longer.
- Recycle for rabbits. Reuse items that would otherwise have been thrown out. Your bun can delightfully shred cardboard boxes, toilet paper tubes, paper bags, old phone books, newspaper, junk mail, and more. Clean plastic caps from laundry detergent to soda bottles make great toys for your bun to throw around.
- Thrift for Thumper. Check out garage sales and thrift stores for small plastic children’s toys such as slinkies, plastic keys, small balls, small plastic cat toys, and even baby gates! You might even be able to find puppy pens and crates that people no longer want. Don’t forget to check CraigsList and FreeCycle. By reusing items others would have thrown out, you are reducing the amount of stuff that winds up in a landfill.
- Grow a vegetable garden! It’s easy to grow your bun’s favorite veggies in your backyard or in pots on a windowsill. By growing your own veggies you know it hasn’t been treated with nasty chemicals. If you can’t grow your veggies, support organic and local farmer’s markets. Organic farming keeps harmful pesticides out of your bun’s food and out of our environment. Supporting local farms helps reduce carbon emissions from transporting produce over long distances.
- Compost rabbit waste. Most rabbit-safe litters are decomposable, and rabbit poop makes one of the best-known fertilizers. Start a compost pile in your yard, and use the compost to fertilize your grass, flowerbeds and vegetable gardens.
- Use plant based cleaning supplies, or make your own. Equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle should be the only cage cleaner you will ever need. It’s safe on the environment and for your rabbits.


Ушастые, пушистые, любимые!